Siam Palace Thai Restaurant


The logo of Siam Palace Thai Restaurant represents the friendly welcoming people of Thailand. It is customary for Thai people to greet each other, their customers, and their guests with a warm feeling of friendship, a genuine smile, and with heart-felt respect. Their hands are placed together in a spiritual manner which projects a physical, emotional, and spiritual connection with the people they come in contact with.

We value making this connection in all our relationships which is sincere, authentic, and embodies the true and real importance of one's relationship to each other. This outward expression of gratitude towards another human being is very important to the Thai people and this tradition has continued through many generations, and continues even today.

This logo of Siam Palace Thai Resaurant is most appropriate since many of Siam Palace's receipies also originate from these time honored methods of food preparation, passed down from generation to generation, and Siam Palace mission to preserve this authenticity and style of food preparations. It is through this spiritual connection and with respect and our desire to share and please that makes Siam Palace special, our goal is to provide you with authentic thai food, not the "watered-down" Americanized versions. It just naturally follows, in our desire to preserve these authentic, traditional methods of food preparation, and to hold true to the centuries old tradition of treating, and greeting our guests with friendship, heart-felt respect, and our eagerness to please. Our hope is that these customs of respect, friendship, generosity, our warm and friendly atomsphere, and our passion to serve is imparted to you, our guest, through the food we prepare for you.